Cardiff Coach Company

Our business runs primarily under two separate headers which run parallel to each other. These are the Cardiff Minibus and the Cardiff Coach Company hire service area. We can offer both services in one joint package for those who require it in this way. The key is probably the number of people who require a service and the distance they wish to travel. The coach hire is normally for groups in the region of sixteen and the normal minibus service is for people in groups of eight to fourteen.

Other areas of concern may fall under category of the groups specific needs. These could be for example where a great deal of luggage needs transmitting. It is safe to say that that anyone travelling to airport journeys and sports events such as rugby and cricket will have a great deal of equipment. Past experience has shown that some people may be comfortable in hiring a minibus instead of a coach due to the price and also because of the open space within it.

It is safe to say that a coach has more on board facilities and these include DVD players, indoor toilets, fridges and much more. This may tender some to choose a coach for long distance journeys. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.