Cardiff Minibus Hire

The Cardiff Minibus Hire facility for the Capital of Wales is a standard booking package and probably our most popular and busy area of trade. This is mainly for groups of eight to fourteen people who require quick and easy vehicle hire for any kind of need.

The buses normally come in the form of eight seater, twelve seater and fourteen seater capacity range.

We aim to swiftly carry out these bookings and have various targets to provide a safe quote to all customers. As stated this makes up for the bulk of our service and therefore it is imperative for us to keep a simple and easy to follow system and employ educated and friendly staff who will assist in unforeseen circumstances.

In order to be cost effective we have our very own unit of specialised chauffeurs and call centre advisors who are fully trained and will be trained on the area of your travels. However we will always carry out research via internet and reference books for unknown visiting areas to ourselves. Work may be outsourced when needed, e.g. during busy periods of trade. Again, we urge our customers to book early in order to avoid disappointment.